“To be a professional is to be a Lifelong Learner “- Ron Short

This online locale is both a Community of Practice & a Community of Learning  for furthering and extending the discovery process for becoming more fully human.  As individuals, in community and in institutions and movement building settings.

To serve those attending to their development, this site can be equally imagined as a welcoming and enveloping psychic space resembling a physical place under a grove of trees, a meadow as gathering place, a sanctuary for community and discovery. You Are Welcome, You Are Invited.

The field of human development has evolved and differentiated into a particular set of learning and ‘performing in the world’ pathways particular to Leadership Development, as a lifeway. Many are responding to the stirrings of leadership within themselves and curious about where it may lead, and many of  you are engaged and active in the call to service of world betterment and world change.

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