Notes on The Culture of the Committed

Posted on Thursday, December 22, 2011


Doug’s  CALL to ACTION Pre-Amble in Support of The New Story- Creating the World We Want Project Launch Blueprint   – –  Sept. 26, 2011
Notes to ‘The Culture of the Committed’
“Call to Action for Communities to prepare a Leadership Pipeline of Citizen-Leaders, who will work alongside their neighbors to navigate the conditions, opportunities and perils in the onset of the Sustainability Era.”
Their charge is to introduce High Expectations for Game-changing cultural shifts. The role of these catalysts and leaders is to shape a positive future by inspiring others and to jointly create conditions to utilize the natural talent, unique richness and diversity in the region and thereby unleash bottomless ingenuity and potential for Innovation. (After all, ‘we are the ones we’ve been waiting for’ – Native Wisdom)
Their task is to instill Boldness, to invite the shift from mere change to Regeneration, to usher in the Restorative economy. Their challenge is transformation of the current impoverished expectations of the common mind-sets.
Now is the time for assembling a Coalition of the Willing, drawing from across all the sectors: Government, Business, Education, Health Care, Faith, Philanthropy, Arts/Culture, Athletics, Entertainment & Media, Agriculture, Industries past & Emergent, to Call the Question for the Region: Who Will We Be Next? & Who Will Lead?
ELEMENTS of The CALL:▪ Community Building to build common perception, understanding and unified direction
▪ Fellowship as a result of the Virtuous Circle of Shared Purpose, Shared Effort and Mutual Support
▪ Celebration: Showcase & Lift Up –Learning’s, tangible products from common effort, demonstrations of progress
▪ Inclusivity – Going beyond the Choir
▪ Spirit of Innovation and Regeneration
Sample Presentation, in the room Rallying Speech:
‘I am here to Register you into a place in a group identity into which you may have already recruited yourself.  The ‘Culture of the Committed’ is the Never Never Land for positive social change activists.
It is a Sanctuary and a Refuge; An enveloping rustic retreat lodge (where a dance party may break out at a moments notice). And not only are you invited,  as an actor in and expression of the ‘Culture of the Committed’ it’s your club. You belong and you are free to take nourishment here and be low key or to take charge of the energy and shape what happens next.
What are the key attributes of those who are shaping the Future Cultural Evolution towards world betterment; how do we recognize these members of the ‘Culture of the Committed’ ?
● They have self-authorized their creative selves to relinquish the bonds of conditioning and invent the New Normal. It’s not that they are fearless, but they gain courage and inspiration in the face of the unknown and take the raw materials of possibility and weave them into compelling, Provocative Propositions. They leap and pounce in the Theater of the New, what is yet to be but is right before us. They envision and then manifest concrete change.
● Their ideas quiver with creative potential. Thus, they weave magic and have the capacity to thrill, right here and now. [Examples: Silver swimmer mimes; Shamanic Cheerleaders, Neo-Futurist Theater Troupe]
● The energy field sustaining the Culture of the Committed actors is charged by the assembly of purposeful souls animated by a Spirit of the Inevitable, by their knowing they will bring either a small flame of truth as the result of  an authentic contribution, if not some form of outright greatness to the collective commons.
● These journeyers are unstoppable; tireless; possessed of deep, purposeful commitment, stick-to-it-ive-ness, they have the Stout Heart for the Steep Climb into the high country of the sustainable future.
Meet some of them now…look around you, look within you…then back out…”

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